Pure Sinners Ent. is an independent record label founded by creatives. Our mission is to set a new standard for what labels provides for their artists. Where a major label may claim they do artist development, we actually take that to another level. We not only distribute, market and fund our artists, but we help sculpt their entire sound and brand image from top to bottom. We believe if you are going to participate in ownership of your artists masters, you need to do more than just distribute their music.

Music Videos

Bad Neighbors are the first artists signed to Pure Sinners. They’re loud. They’re visible. And you’ll know when they’re around. They’re Rage and Khaos, an artist duo that emerged out of Birmingham Alabama to confuse, challenge, and create as Bad Neighbors.


Bad Romance




She Like Blood Too


Flowers She Burned

1. Cody Press Image 2

Cody Colacino

Record Producer, Musician, Branding Expert, Entrepreneur & Founder of Pure Sinners. Cody has been successfully signing and developing artists for almost 10 years now, landing him deals with Universal Music Group, Island Records & Columbia Records just to name a few. His goal now is to sculpt a new standard for labels on the business side as well as creating a new sound within the culture.  

Bugz Pres

Bugz Ronin

Sony ATV Record Producer, Entrepreneur & Founder of Pure Sinners. Bugz Ronin is a multi Platinum producer widely known for his production on Lil Uzi Vert’s “Eternal Atake” and has been ranked #2 on billboards hot 100 producers and songwriters. He is currently merging his signature trap melodies into the rock world, creating new dimensions to his sound with Pure Sinners.